Month: January 2020

Euro Price Outlook: EUR/USD Tests Support, ECB on Deck

A Europe Price Outlook: EUR/USD Test Support! While other traders have seen the January Gains and are now looking for a dip to lower, the following chart reveals the next break. Be alert and buy now before the other currency traders sell! Sell if: So what if they sell now? There is just so much

London Stocks at Risk From UK-EU Trade Talks

Could the UK-EU trade deal damage UK Stocks? Well, it’s hard to say. For starters, the EU has long claimed that its initial plans for a Trade Agreement (TPA) with the UK were not overly detailed. In other words, the initial trade deal seemed to leave a lot of the playing field to the UK’s

Australian Dollar Forecast: Key AUD/USD Levels to Watch

In the forthcoming US presidential election it will be interesting to see which candidate’s economic policy will take on which number of AUD/USD levels. In the charts above, I have outlined five key points that I believe all the candidates will have to deal with. Chart One: Historical Candlestick Chart to Assess Historical Candlestick Measurements