Month: February 2020

Canadian Dollar Rises on GDP Beat, Exports Flash Warning

Can the Canadian Dollar continue to rise after it has been a surprise throughout the year? The answer is yes, and economists believe that once you see the oil price jump and so many economic and stock news indicators that the currency is overbought. This can happen when many investors are short the currency, so

Gold Price Eyes Monthly High as Bearish Momentum Abates

What are the latest indicators of the Gold Price? Looking at the charts it’s obvious that there is some movement in price, but the actual price is only moving up and down. The truth is that prices have not moved significantly in price for a long time, that makes this a bearish moment for Gold.

Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: XRP/USD May Re-Test 2019 High

A Ripple (XRP) price analysis can go for years if they’re not a wise move. As we know, Ripple is a new form of Digital Asset, a part of the RippleNet ( network of payment providers. The Ripple network, its currency and protocol are being evaluated and some of its claims are attracting some serious