Month: May 2020

GBP/USD Under Pressure Ahead of Next Week’s EU/UK Trade Talks

The US Dollar has been under pressure ahead of next week’s European Union/UK trade talks with the United Kingdom. For most traders this is somewhat predictable, and I’ll discuss why this could turn out to be a good time to add the USD to your trading portfolio. The European Union/UK trade talks are set to

How to Invest During a Recession: Investments & Strategy

You might be wondering how to invest during a recession. When things are tough and the economy is in the doldrums, there is no end of money to be made – but where? So, how do you figure out how to invest during a recession? The great thing about the stock market is that there

Bitcoin Forex

The currency markets have gotten a lot of attention in the past year due to the increasing risks for both investors and governments alike. One such currency, the bitcoin, has seen unprecedented growth due to the opportunities available. The emergence of the currency markets has led to new currency trading platforms that allow newcomers to