Month: August 2020

Gold Price Analysis: Continuation Pattern Appears Ahead of September

Gold Price Analysis: Continuation Patterns Appear Ahead of September The gold price always varies up and down. However, the trend that usually follows the fluctuations of the price is a rise in value followed by a drop. Gold prices generally rise when there is a recession or a decline in the overall economic condition. The

Gold and Silver Prices Push Higher as US Real Yields Turn Lower

Gold and silver prices have recently pushed higher on the back of the US dollar, as the Federal Reserve pumps trillions of dollars into the economy each month. Gold and silver are valuable because they provide the backing of gold in monetary markets and have been used as money for a very long time. Although

EUR/USD Latest: Fundamental and Political Drivers in the Spotlight

EUR/USD Latest: Political and Fundamental Drivers in the Spotlight – Part 2 Political events may have a significant effect on a country’s economy. Political events can also have an indirect impact, through a country’s currency rates. If a country is moving toward a more liberalized economy or more restrictive governance, it will likely see higher

Crude Oil Prices Brace for Impact with US-Iran Tensions Brewing

Crude Oil Prices Brace for Impact With US-Iran Tensions Brewing in the Near Future. Iranian President Ahmadinejad is expected to travel to Asia this year to participate in an International Nuclear Energy Agency (IAEA) meeting. This meeting, which Iran views as a Western propaganda stunt, could lead to a renewed flare up of tensions between

Gold Prices May Fall as the US Dollar Rebounds in Risk-Off Trade

Gold prices may fall as the US Dollar rebounds in risk-off trade following the U.S. Federal Reserve’s announcement that it would begin raising rates. Traders around the world, however, should not lose sight of the fact that gold remains a safe and secure investment which is likely to be the best bet for maintaining the