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Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: XRP/USD May Re-Test 2019 High

A Ripple (XRP) price analysis can go for years if they’re not a wise move. As we know, Ripple is a new form of Digital Asset, a part of the RippleNet ( network of payment providers. The Ripple network, its currency and protocol are being evaluated and some of its claims are attracting some serious

Euro Price Outlook: EUR/USD Tests Support, ECB on Deck

A Europe Price Outlook: EUR/USD Test Support! While other traders have seen the January Gains and are now looking for a dip to lower, the following chart reveals the next break. Be alert and buy now before the other currency traders sell! Sell if: So what if they sell now? There is just so much

London Stocks at Risk From UK-EU Trade Talks

Could the UK-EU trade deal damage UK Stocks? Well, it’s hard to say. For starters, the EU has long claimed that its initial plans for a Trade Agreement (TPA) with the UK were not overly detailed. In other words, the initial trade deal seemed to leave a lot of the playing field to the UK’s

Australian Dollar Forecast: Key AUD/USD Levels to Watch

In the forthcoming US presidential election it will be interesting to see which candidate’s economic policy will take on which number of AUD/USD levels. In the charts above, I have outlined five key points that I believe all the candidates will have to deal with. Chart One: Historical Candlestick Chart to Assess Historical Candlestick Measurements

Australian Dollar Steady as China Industrial Profits Return To Growth

The Australian dollar can act as the foreign exchange markets favorite liquid China economy proxy given Australia’s close export links to the world’s second largest economy. It should end at 95 cents in 2013 before sliding to 88 cents throughout 2014. There are four major reasons why the Australian dollar has been falling, with many

Global Economic Weakness Should Damage the Oil Price, So Why Didn’t It?

Quantitative easing is a kind of non-traditional means of stimulating the economy. To begin with, mounting indications of financial weakness in China and a string of uncharacteristic policy stumbles there still raise concerns about the total health of the worldwide economy. This weakness is largely visible in the dangerously significant quantities of stocks making new

NZD/USD Rises after Upbeat GDP Report Tampers RBNZ Cut Odds

Its latter small business shift made lucrative company and is presently continually exploring on developing steel solutions. Both Change and Transfer ought to be a very good tool, if you’re reassembling moved quantities from the exact same asset under new Master Asset ID. When the order is received, it’s executed at the lowest prices available,