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GBP/USD Under Pressure Ahead of Next Week’s EU/UK Trade Talks

The US Dollar has been under pressure ahead of next week’s European Union/UK trade talks with the United Kingdom. For most traders this is somewhat predictable, and I’ll discuss why this could turn out to be a good time to add the USD to your trading portfolio. The European Union/UK trade talks are set to

How to Invest During a Recession: Investments & Strategy

You might be wondering how to invest during a recession. When things are tough and the economy is in the doldrums, there is no end of money to be made – but where? So, how do you figure out how to invest during a recession? The great thing about the stock market is that there

Bitcoin Forex

The currency markets have gotten a lot of attention in the past year due to the increasing risks for both investors and governments alike. One such currency, the bitcoin, has seen unprecedented growth due to the opportunities available. The emergence of the currency markets has led to new currency trading platforms that allow newcomers to

How Do Politics and Central Banks Impact FX Markets?

When it comes to geopolitical issues, international finance, world economics and the fluctuating value of currency rates, there is no better place to learn about political and economic trends than on the internet. With the various e-newsletters and forums online discussing political events in the world, there is no better time to ask questions about

US Dollar Outlook vs Emerging Market Currencies

The gap between the US Dollar Outlook and Emerging Market Currencies continues to widen. Here are some of the reasons why: The biggest reason is the big tax cut for the rich. For all those who might be skeptical, how come we are still talking about the same old goodies that were provided in the

Bitcoin Price: How Will Halving, Coronavirus Affect BTC?

Many people ask me, “How will the Halving of the Bitcoin block reward affects BTC? Can I hold BTC long term, and sell them short when the price goes down?” Many folks have started a Bitcoin exchange short term, but they are missing the bigger picture. While the short-term gains may be tremendous, to hold

Singapore Dollar, USD/SGD Outlook: Virus Stimulus Package

How does the Virus Stimulus Package, MAS Eyed affect the Singapore Dollar, USD/SGD outlook? On the real view, there is not much to worry about. If you are a person that owns a business and is quite well-informed about your market in Singapore, you would be aware of the following. The South East Asian Monetary