Euro Price Outlook: EUR/USD Tests Support, ECB on Deck

A Europe Price Outlook: EUR/USD Test Support! While other traders have seen the January Gains and are now looking for a dip to lower, the following chart reveals the next break. Be alert and buy now before the other currency traders sell!

Sell if: So what if they sell now? There is just so much to learn! All the charts we see in the past few days are a series of tests. They indicate what might happen next, what is most likely to happen, and if you have been testing these charts for a while and have already “kicked the tires” then you should already know how to sell when the other currency traders want to sell.

Take Action When: By when? Stop when? Wait a day? What about now? Is there a limit to this sort of thing?

The “heck” price and sell point, which is another name for a good time to buy is the moment you determine that the price is about to move toward a higher level. If you have already determined that this is going to happen, then don’t worry too much. You can sell anytime, even if others aren’t ready to sell yet.

When: Stop selling. Once you have determined that the price is going to go higher, it is time to put a stop loss on the price to protect yourself. If you wait too long to do this, you might get into trouble, even if the price is going lower!

How: Like a sale, as you know you are selling something, you need to decide when to sell. If you keep waiting, you will continue to be in a bad position, and the other trader might still be pushing. Don’t “wait for the other guy to get scared” – just sell now, with a stop loss in place, as soon as you decide that the price is about to go higher. If you sell now, and lock in the profit you made, you will have more buying power than the other trader does, and you will be on your way to a solid profit!

Another thing to remember is that when you decide to sell, you must make a clear decision. Do not try to pull a fast one or try to guess what the other trader will do. This will result in much bigger losses, even if you know that you had a better position than the other trader.

And if you think about this for a long time, you’ll soon find out how to sell even when others don’t want to sell. Just remember the test…

A Europe Price Outlook: January Gains! What is happening now, and what is coming in January, has been well documented by analysts and other commentators, but not everybody is taking action. No wonder they continue to lose money!

“But I have to pay the bills, I’m broke, or I’m broke!” No one has to sell…yet. We will all make money…while others lose!

So buy now, when the other traders sell, before the rest do. Be prepared…and you will be an expert in no time! Buy in the best possible price, as the one that you believe to be just a few points below the trade’s “exit point” – and that is now moving higher.