Gold Price Eyes Monthly High as Bearish Momentum Abates

What are the latest indicators of the Gold Price? Looking at the charts it’s obvious that there is some movement in price, but the actual price is only moving up and down. The truth is that prices have not moved significantly in price for a long time, that makes this a bearish moment for Gold.

We know that there is more volatility in prices, this is even evident in the past few weeks. The price has moved sideways and upward, that would suggest that Gold prices are under pressure. That is why we see the recent price drops, just to move back into this uptrend.

Another indicator of this uptrend is the huge number of people looking for the price of Gold. There is more activity on the web looking for some information about Gold, rather than just surfing the net to get that information.

Well, all of this is good, this is bullish momentum. Some people are in the process of selling off their Gold and buying other assets. I have seen a large amount of this in recent days, so we are also seeing upward pressure on the Gold Price.

If you are looking for Gold to buy, then you will want to wait until the Gold Price goes up to get in at a really good price. To me, that does not look like a great time to buy. Gold has been below the Gold Price, so that means it is oversold at the moment.

The Golden Ratio has been very attractive to investors since last week. It is a good indicator of when the Gold Price is going to be a little more valuable in the future.

Now, I’m not sure how much longer this Bull Market can last, because the Gold Price is moving down. It is moving downward so this is definitely a bearish moment forgot.

The only way that the Gold Price can rise is if the short-term pessimism is reduced. The pessimism can be caused by the FOMC’s announcement that interest rates will be lower, which is not going to be very helpful for the Gold Market.

A new inflation rate has been implemented, but it has not been that well publicized. So we will have to wait and see what is happening with the inflation rate before we can know what the true picture of inflation is.

The longer this goes on the more pessimistic people will become. Inflation Rate expectations will be affected by the fact that we have several economic indicators showing decline in the U.S.

So the best way to buy Gold is to wait and see the Gold Price before purchasing any gold. The U.S. Dollar and many other currencies are going down, that means that we will likely see more Gold Price declines.