How Will Markets React to the 2020 Election?.

In light of the upcoming 2020 U.S. presidential elections, it seems that every political analyst is predicting that there will be a lot of change in the stock markets and other financial markets in the coming years. If this is the case, what is the best way to hedge against changes and ensure that my

US Rates Bear Steepening as Markets Price in US Election Biden Sweep

The US rates Bear Steepening has been a topic on the international market, since early November. The reason for this is that the European Central Bank (ECB) has begun to tighten its monetary policy after it decided to begin a Quantitative Easing program last month. The goal of this program was to increase the economic

New Zealand Dollar Gains on RBNZ, But NZD/USD May Follow S&P 500 Lower

The NZD/USD may follow the S&P 500 lower in the wake of the Federal Reserve’s announcement of the tightening of financial policy, and the NZD has been known to follow the Australian Dollar, European Euro, Swiss Francs and Canadian Dollar. However, the NZD/USD may follow the US Dollar higher after the FOMC released its statement

AUD/USD & ASX 200 Forecast: Is the Australian Dollar Hurting the ASX?

The Australian dollar is under heavy pressure against the US dollar, and this makes for difficult trading conditions in both currencies. However, there is one currency that stands out as a strong investment – the Australian Dollar Index. This index is a market-based index, which represents the value of the Australian dollar against the US

Silver Forecast: Silver Confined to key Fibonacci Levels

For those who do not know, Silver Forecast: Silver Confined to Key Fibonacci Levels was developed by Joseph Nocera. This Forex trading system is based on Fibonacci cycles. With this particular trading system, you are able to make money when there is a low at a key point in the trading cycle and you will

US Dollar Drives Higher Ahead of NFP Report as Volatility Spikes

Is the US dollar as a safe haven for investors? According to experts, a safe haven is any country with high inflation and political stability. The US Dollar is considered a safe haven for investors as it is stable, secure, and inflation free. With these factors, there will be more US dollars in circulation and

DailyFX Education Summit: Trade Your Market

The DailyFX Education Summit is one of the most important currency education conferences in the world. This is a conference that you will want to attend and I’m going to give you all the details on how to get the most out of it. There are four different sessions that I’m going to go over

Gold Price Analysis: Continuation Pattern Appears Ahead of September

Gold Price Analysis: Continuation Patterns Appear Ahead of September The gold price always varies up and down. However, the trend that usually follows the fluctuations of the price is a rise in value followed by a drop. Gold prices generally rise when there is a recession or a decline in the overall economic condition. The